4 WAYS to enjoy Whipped

4 Creative Ways to Add Boozy Whip to Your Brunch Menu

When you host a Sunday brunch, nothing smells better than the delicious aromas that fill the kitchen. From bacon to pancakes, and omelets to French toast, the tasty dishes you serve will surely leave your friends and family with full bellies. In order to make your brunch one to remember, you have to make it stand out. You must go far beyond those average breakfast plates and drinks.

You might be wondering, “How do I do that?” Well lucky for you, there’s one simple ingredient that will have everyone laughing, dancing, and having one hell of a time — Whipped cream infused with alcohol!

Here are 4 creative ways to add our boozy whip to your brunch menu:


Pancakes are a brunch staple, mainly because they are quick and easy to make. You have the freedom to add chocolate chips, blueberries, cinnamon, nuts, and so much more. Top it off with some ripe fruits like raspberries or bananas, and take it to the next level by adding some boozy whip like ours over at Lick The Whip. Our lactose-free Whipped 🐱 cans contain 14% ABV and dispense 1.5 liters per can, so you will definitely have enough for everyone to enjoy on their tall stack of pancakes!

Belgian Waffles

It’s true — most people are either a pancake enthusiast, or a waffle connoisseur. You and your loved ones can get wild with your waffle creations by adding fruit like peaches, strawberries, and raspberries, or nuts like pecans, walnuts, and almonds. Once you have pressed your waffles into form, next comes flavorful syrup and our boozy whipped cream. Leave it on the table for everyone to enjoy because there is no refrigeration needed. ‘Whip’ up those delicious brunch plates, and take control of your tastebuds right meoooow! 😻


Mmm … that delicious morning cup of joe is truly unbeatable. Whether you like your coffee black, or with some cream and sugar, a dash of our boozy whip can be a gamechanger. When you combine our flavorful whip with your favorite coffee roast, you will taste a delightful hint of vanilla that takes your tastebuds on a journey. It will surely be a morning you’ll never forget! And, no one will judge you if you pour a second (or third) cup, it’s just that GOOD!


Last but not least, a brunch wouldn’t be complete without mimosas. Enhance your refreshing and tasty cocktails by adding some boozy whip to them. Take a standard mimosa recipe of champagne and OJ, and transform it into a bold and mouthwatering creamsicle!

Since whipped cream pairs well with just about everything, it can be a wonderful addition to your coffee, French toast, crepes, and more. Lucky for you, this delicious alcohol-infused whip stands great on its own, so feel free to dispense it directly into your mouth, or lick it off one of your fellow brunch guests… It seriously gets better one lick at a time!