Liven Up Your Date Night

Tips to Liven Up Your Next Romantic Date Night

If you notice that your date nights are becoming mundane or boring, it’s definitely time to make some serious changes. You and your special someone deserve a lovely night that you will both cherish and remember forever. Instead of that basic dinner at a local restaurant, try to make your next date all about you two. Even though both your lives may be hectic and busy, it always feels good to slow down and spend some alone time with your love to recharge and reconnect.


Here are 3 tips to liven up your next romantic date night:


Dress Fancy for Dinner


There’s something empowering and sexy about wearing a fancy outfit for your significant other. You probably get to see them mainly in sweat pants or pajamas after a long day of work. Spice things up by putting on a beautiful, tight dress, or a dapper button-up shirt and tie. Putting effort into your date outfit will make the night more meaningful for both of you. Wearing something seductive, yet classy, is the ultimate way to make it one to remember. This can easily put you in the mood to be confident, bold, and talkative because you feel good about yourself.

Enjoy Boozy Whipped on Sweets


Who doesn’t love chocolate-covered fruit? Whether it is strawberries, bananas, or apples, your partner will surely be in for a treat (literally). Chocolate is known to help the brain produce serotonin that causes you to feel good. And, chocolate-covered strawberries are the ultimate date night treat because they are two of the world’s most famous aphrodisiacs. These sacred treats symbolize love and romance.


Now, how can you add a little flare? A dollop of boozy whipped cream from Lick the Whip can help you indulge each other for hours. Our whipped cream infused with alcohol gets better one lick at a time. The best part: It can be served at room temperature so no matter where the night takes you… Our bottle can be in hands reach! Don’t worry, the fruit is only optional.

Give Each Other Massages


Beyond the physical relaxation benefits of massages, giving your partner a sensual body rub can also help you enjoy a little quality time together. If you or your partners love language is physical touch, this will check all the boxes for a perfect end to your date night. Especially if this is a new and unfamiliar activity for both of you. Mix things up a little and incorporate a warming massage oil that alleviates the muscles and joints. Rub away all the stressful thoughts from the day so you can have an intimate night! You can really turn up the heat and nurture your love with some calming music as well.